We are delighted to announce that Deidre Kenny, a volunteer with the Family Addiction Support Network, has been shortlisted for a PPN Award in the category of Outstanding Individual. The Family Addiction Support Network a voluntary organisation with no core funding delivering vital services to families impacted by a loved one’s addiction behavior.

Deirdre as a recycled teenager fell into her role as lead fundraiser unexpectedly. She is the definition of motivation and positivity and a wonderful role model, there are no limits to what this woman can do. She has organised everything from bag packs to pop up shop to raise much needed fund so that the Family Addiction Support Network can continue to deliver Peer Led Family Support in Co Cavan and the North East region.

Her heartfelt contribution to organising the Service of Commemoration for family members who have had a loved one die through substance misuse has brought comfort, acknowledgement and support to families in their grief.

She is a great advocate for FASN and spreads the word near and far. The Awards take place on 25th September 2019 in Bellingham Castle, Castlebellingham.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Deirdre and wish her and all the volunteers an enjoyable and unforgettable evening.

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