What is the ‘5 – Step’ Support Programme?

‘5-Step’ is a free, one-to-one consultation programme for any adult affected by the misuse of alcohol or other drug by another individual, either family member or friend. ‘5-Step’ recognises the impact that addiction has on everyone, including family members, friends and others and offers support, knowledge and guidance in helping to manage often confusing and emotional situations.

The ‘5 – Step’ Support Programme aims to:

With the help of a dedicated support worker who understands that dealing with a lot of stress may start to affect physical and mental health, social life, finances, employment and impact on the whole family. They will guide you through the 5-Steps programme putting you and your needs at the center, helping you to focus on the here and now, which empowers you to deal with often complex emotional situations

How ‘5 – Step’ programme helps:

‘5-Step’ helps by giving you support, knowledge and guidance . Putting you and your needs first, helping to reduce the stress and pressure you feel by building on your strengths, increasing your range of coping skills, helping to identify additional resources available to you, improving your resilience in dealing with complex situations and aiming to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Working through the ‘5-Step’ Support Programme.

Step 1:  How the problem affects you & your family

Understand and think about how your relative’s behaviour affects you and your family.

Step 2: Getting information                                                   

Increase your knowledge and understanding through relevant information. Clarify any fears or misunderstandings you may have.

Step 3: Ways of responding

Explore how you and your family currently respond to your loved one’s behaviour and identify the responses that are best for you.

Step 4: Getting Help from other people

Looking at who can help you and your family in living with this stressful environment.

Step 5: Further Help    

Identify whether you or your family need further help. This is also a good point explore further help for your relative with drug or alcohol Issues.

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