In 1998 two mothers desperately seeking a way to ‘fix’ their addicted children got together. They educated themselves about the drugs their children were using and about possible treatments. They sought help in every avenue but found little support. When these women began sharing their new found understanding of drug use with others in the community it became obvious that many people were quietly experiencing the destruction of addiction in their homes.

These determined mums were founding members of a service that would treat their loved ones as there was none already in existence. While this service addressed the drug user’s needs, addiction was still impacting them and the rest of their families. In other households addiction also destroying families where the user wasn’t ready to get help. Recognizing the importance of these family needs the ladies began Peer Support groups in the area. The people involved found great strength in the union of their voices. These groups led to a formal organization into a network, which is today known as the Family Addiction Support Network. Today, the network is led and run by volunteers who have lived with addiction. These peers act to support families affected by drugs and alcohol.


To assist families in the North East to achieve a greater understanding of addiction, to empower them to improve their quality of life and fulfill a positive role in the recovery of their loved one, should they choose to take it.


To provide a quality service through best practice – We aim to provide the best services we possibly can in line with best practice guidelines and national standards

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