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International Family Drug Support Day 2019

Support the Family – Improve the Outcome

Tuesday 26th February 2019 

A special Thank You:

The Family Support Network would like to sincerely thank the following list of individuals, traders and businesses who all took part, supported & sponsored our Commemoration Night, held on 16/11/18

A huge thanks to Devenney office supplies,who generously  donated our Commemoration bookmarks. Also special thanks to Centra – Blackrock,  Bradleys Chemists Blackrock,   Homebakery -Blackrock, Tony Kiernan Butcher -Avenue Road Dundalk , Country Fresh –  Avenue Road Dundalk, Amy Kieran Pharmacy – Avenue Road Dundalk, Mary McEntegart F.S.G. Drogheda,  Lidel Conlon Food Hall – Avenue Road, Karen Maguire Hairdresser,  Blackrock.Tesco,   Blue Chips and also the Argus Newspaper.
Also a massive thanks to  Mc Kenna Precision Engineering, Kingscourt for sponsoring our brochures. 
And finally a special thanks to Maureen Penrose and Tanya Mc Kenna who took part in our ceremony, Theresa for the beautiful food hamper, Catronia for the excellent catering, Racheal Carroll for the innovative sewing and not forgetting the wonderful Roisin Mckenna for selling so many tickets for the hampers.

Our Mission:

To assist families in the North East of Ireland to achieve a greater understanding of addiction, empower them to improve their quality of life and fulfil a positive role in the recovery of their loved one, should they choose to take it.

What is Addiction?

  • Addiction is a complex disease, often chronic in nature, which affects the functioning of the brain and body.
  • It also causes serious damage to families, relationships, schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods.
  • The most common symptoms of addiction are severe loss of control, continued use despite serious consequences, preoccupation with using, failed attempts to quit, tolerance and withdrawal.
  • Addiction can be effectively prevented, treated and managed by healthcare professionals in combination with family or peer support.

Drug Stigma & Shame:

  • The truth is, addiction is a disease. A person with an addiction can’t “just stop” taking drugs. A drug or alcohol problem isn’t something to be ashamed about—it’s something to get help for.
  • Stigma looms over parents or family members who have a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder. Insensitive and dehumanising words like “junkie”  or “druggie” can and do sting. Far too often, society has a knee-jerk reaction to those struggling with an addiction disorder.
  • What must be understood is that a drug or alcohol addiction is not a moral failing. It’s a disease that requires professional treatment.
  • Stigma causes guilt and shame and is the major component that prevents those experiencing addiction — and their loved ones — from seeking professional help.

The people at FASN understood everything my family and I was going through simply because they had been there too. They gave me a glimmer of hope and so and I was so glad when I attended my first family support meeting.

– Family Member, Dundalk Support Group

I learned to look after myself and got new coping skills. It has brought me great peace, tolerance and freedom to let my family member take the consequences for the choices THEY make. Heartfelt thanks Family Support!

– Family Member, Cavan Support Group

Family Support became my lifeline. Each week I couldn't wait to get to my group. It became like my family. I was accepted, never criticized or judged for the way in which I handled situations. Thank you, Thank you Family Support.

– Family Member, Cavan Support Group


Family Support can be offered on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. The model of family support that the Network advocates is peer family support. This is where a number of people with a common problem in our case living with drug use, come together to share their experiences.

What does a Family Support Group do?

A Family Support Group is a safe, confidential, non-judgemental place for family members to discuss issues emerging from the problem of drug or alcohol use within the family. From the shared experiences of the group, members may find useful strategies for coping with their particular problem. More importantly the support group is more than just having a group of friends. It is about respecting each other’s right to speak and to let go of the worries and stresses they have as a result of drug or alcohol use in the family.


We offer an open, friendly, accessible and non-judgmental family support service so that no family has to live with the isolation that drug use can bring. Come along to one of our weekly meetings that take place in Dundalk, Cavan, Drogheda or Navan. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel, for the moment, you need 1 to 1 support. We are are here to help & support you.

Call: 042 93 55251 / 087 9046405 /

Emall: info.fasn@gmail.com

Navan Support Group

Wednesday Evening, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Unit 2, First Floor,
Kennedy Road,
Co. Meath

Drogheda Support Group

Thursday Evening, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

The Stables,
Batchelors’ Lane
Co. Louth

Dundalk Support Group

Thursday Evening, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

The Hub, Lios Dubh
Armagh Rd

Cavan Support Group

Monday Evening (except bank holidays), 7.30pm – 9.30pm

26 Bridge Street,
Co. Cavan

Upcoming Events

26th February 2019

International Family Drug Support Day

Information/awareness event at their premises for Tuesday 26th February 2019

14th February 2019

FASN Quiz Night 

Feeling brainy? Come along to our quiz night on 14.02.19 and support FASN. Lots of prizes to be won. 

19th December 2018

FASN Volunteer Group Facilitator Opportunity 

The Family Addiction Support Network are seeking a: Volunteer Group Facilitator to facilitate weekly group meetings. 

10th December 2018

FASN Pop Up Shop

Location: Longwalk Shopping Center, Dundalk

16th November 2018

Annual Commemoration Service 2018

Location: Lios Dubh, Armagh Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

Fun Raising Fund Raising Auction

Location: Lios Dubh Centre, Armagh Road, Dundalk, A91 T668

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