Rise 10 Week Family Programme

Just as we would encourage those in addiction to reach out for support in order to make positive changes to improve the quality of their lives, the Family Addiction Support Network’s hope is that their families will also embrace this idea of positive change and support for themselves.

Our Family Support services are not just for the loved ones of individuals who are taking steps to address their substance misuse issues but support is also provided to good effect to families whose loved one opt not to take help with addiction treatment.

RISE 10-week non-residential Family Programme

The RISE 10-week non-residential Family Programme has been developed to create awareness and educate families with loved ones in addiction.

This therapeutic programme is run one evening per week, for 3 hours per session. Each programme is attended by up to 12 participants and is facilitated by 2 qualified and experienced RISE addiction counsellors. The format is a combination of lectures and group therapy. The covid-19 pandemic has changed how RISE deliver services. We have developed an online version of our Family Programme. In the coming months we will offer both in person and online Family Programmes.

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