Confidential Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Service

The Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Programme has been established by the Garda National Drugs Unit and the National Family Support Network. The purpose of this programme is to respond to the needs of drug users and family members who are experiencing drug related intimidation.

Confidential Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Service

Those that use drugs and family members can be intimidated by drug dealers to repay drug debts. Forms of intimidation can include threats, physical violence, damage to the family home / property and sexual violence. Some people try to repay these debts through cash payment or cash payment and involvement in illegal activity. The experience of intimidation can be very frightening and can pose a serious risk to the individuals involved and their loved ones.

Inspectors have been selected by the Garda Commissioner to respond to the issue of drug related intimidation. The nominated Inspector will
always be at management level in the force, and will liaise directly with the Superintendent in relation to the case. Individuals experiencing
intimidation can make contact with the Inspector for their area for an informal / formal meeting.

The Family Addiction Support Network can support you with this process.

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