Support the Family–Change the Outcome

The aim of the International Family Drug Support Day is to not only to introduce people to the work of the Family Addiction Support Network but also help family members, public representatives, statutory agencies, and other C&V organisations to understand the necessity of families being supported, educated and included in the treatment & rehabilitation of their loved one and to highlight the fact that Addiction is never a choice.

The Family Addiction Support Network (FASN) based in the north east of Ireland is a dedicated support service for family members/concerned persons who are impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse.

We are a peer led support group who are experienced and are very aware of the challenges our service users are expereincing. We provide:

· One to One Support sessions

· 5 Step Brief Intervention

· Health & Wellbeing support through our website & social media channels

. Drug Debt Intimidation Support

· Counselling & Respite

· Weekly Family Support Groups

2019 was an incredibly productive year for the Family Support Network.

Click here to read chairperson Marian Sloan’s annual report.

Our Family Drug Support Day’s Mission
Encourage people to ‘Take the First Step’ & get support to cope with a loved one’s addiction.
We encourage all family members and concerned loved ones to reach out and get support about how to cope with your loved one’s addiction.
Helpline: 042 9355251


Garda Siochana’s & the National Family Support Network Intimidation initiative
The Garda National Drugs Unit and the National Family Support Network, have developed ‘the Drug Related Intimidation Reporting Programme’ to respond to the needs of drug users and family members experiencing drug related intimidation. Click to read more here

Click here to view the National Family Support Network video on drug debt intimidation